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Welcome to The Plan 2.0 EmptyThu Nov 06, 2014 8:52 pm by iwillnotlaydown

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    Welcome to The Plan 2.0 Empty Welcome to The Plan 2.0

    Post  Chester on Sun Nov 18, 2012 12:54 pm

    Welcome to the rebirth of Whatis-ThePlan. This time we aim to make a forum for you to express your views and concerns freely as mature adults. Here at this site you are free keep your identity private from other users in other words "anonymous". Just pick a nick or screen handle of your choice and begin participating in making a better world for all of us. We have left the site open for you to grow with your thoughts and ideas. As you start expressing and planning action in your communities the forum will evolve and grow to your needs. We start out with a basic forum designed based on topics and discussion seen around the web. Feel free to give suggestions for new forums and sub forums of your desire. Unfortunately we can not grant every request but reassure you all suggestions will be put into consideration.

    This is not a site for hacking or any other illegal form of activism. We intend to keep every member's personal life free of unnecessary challenges,we only ask you to do the same for our site and our staff.

    Thank you for joining WITP2 our success is only limited to how far you take us.

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