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    Hi im watched by the gov and other species quite sick of it really lets do something!!!


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    Hi im watched by the gov and other species quite sick of it really lets do something!!! Empty Hi im watched by the gov and other species quite sick of it really lets do something!!!

    Post  djvive Sat Apr 04, 2015 4:32 am

    Hi my names Daniel and i am 22 years of age i am here to release to everyone the truths i have encountered, and what still goes on today and also how my life has been since a kid and how it is now thanks to the gov....

    My name is Daniel and i am 22 years of age since a kid i have heavily been bullied all my life and have always felt somewhat different from all other people including family, by the age of 15 i left home and lived on the streets and traveled most of Australia,dealing with no money and no hope. By the age of 18 that's when i met the cia of Australia believe it or not they were the leaders of a biker club, anyways long story short i was doing prostitution made over 100 thousand and they thought they'd investor gate, anyways i hadnt broken any rules or laws because i had the money freely given to me. anyways s half way through living with this biker group i started realizing weird occurrences, i was getting followed, people were acting stupid in public (street theatre) and they would always test me on different subjects and always tried to get to know me but i hindered them short, anyways before i found out they were the cia or special forces we all seemed to be great friends and with the money i was pulling in i was in brothels every night and supplying them with a high level of money on a daily basis (over a thousand a day), anyways i ended up meeting a person named shant who i got introduced to by a friend, and ended up living with him in a granny flat on the sargent of arms of a biker clubs property and with the sargents wife in the main house, about 2 months in i started noticing weird things, they always kept changing what we were talking about without me noticing, they started testing me on different subjects and how i see life and people and they certainly brought the darkside out of me,,,,, ill cut it short or ill go forever,,,,, heres some of the things that happend, they used implantation of thoughts to make me love a very attractive girl, they used energy to make me feel different ways from happy to sad, they used silent sound and also telepathy to play with my thoughts, they used the green apple effect meditation which is a secret and projected a hologram of person on a bed to see how id react, after i caught shant out for being a spy when he tried to state that he was the Sargent's wife cussin he seemed very shocked and so did she, shortly after she left the room and just me and him were there so i started asking him questions like how do you change your skin colour like that and how do you change your hair and voice let alone how tall you are and like a book he opened up he took me to a bed and he pulled out his contacts within his eyes, i was shocked what did i stumble on, next he told me how they just used regular spray tan to change there skin and a very authentic wig to change his hair(he lifted his wig), i was like shit im going to die so i decided to ask him well how do you change your voice so well (trying to portray a turkish man) and he then opend his mouth and showed me the back of his throat... it was a bloody voice apperatus i was like wtf, anyways after that i decided id joke while shitting myself and stated i had a glock nine mil he then pointed to his leg which i noticed an odd shape and he had a gun strapped i turned around and said im just fing with you trying to laugh but crapping my pants, anyways after five mins he walks out and leave and within 5 mins comes back with the people we were staying with they all just started going off and me i never felt so misused and miss treated within my life let alone i gave them all my love that i found within myself which wasn't much at this time, the next day i got told to leave and they all were completely different they acted strict and treated me as if i was there enemy, anyways after i left i went in and out of the mental ward because of them following me all the time and testing me but when i actually got within the mental ward they had more undercover s in there as well and they kept testing me. anyways after i left the mental ward i went to hope island in the gold coast to do the work i was accustomed to (prostitution), i was having quite a good night just chilling with my friend well payer and i went outside for a smoke and for some reason starting staring at a bush, as i was staring at this bush i noticed something, something that was small with a big head and large black eyes and camouflaged itself within the bush, i frozed, i didn't know what to do or what to say but i knew what it was, it was a reptilian grey alien( laugh if you want its true), after about two minutes of us two different beings staring at each other id thought id make the first move so i decided to try and say hi without getting out of my seat of where i was sitting with a pool fence between us, no response, i then kept saying hi and trying to ask it questions but nothing but a blink of its eyes, suddenly i felt a force to make me look left when i looked to the left of me there was the girl that i lived with and the girl that used implantation of thoughts floating in mid air but for some reason i knew this creature was implanting this vision when i turned to look back at the bush the being was gone....
    anyways after this occurrence i decided to study psychic abilities and astral projected twice, i became very powerful and am more now then ever, i practiced my third eye alot and other chakras but mainly my thrid eye. anyways about a year or two later (i was still getting followed and tested everyday) i started having the most aweful lucid dreams you could imagine incest, people asking me all sorts of f...ed up questions from incestory to do i accept lucifer as my father.. anyways as the lucid dream went on i started becoming more and more aware that it just felt fake, finally one night within the lucid dream they showed my gf of now and her son 15 having.. you know what... and her son turned around and asked why i wasnt doing anything and for some reason i responded with because im seeing if this is real and within that instant i woke back up within my body cringing and feeling disgusted to my core.... i then realized that these beings and government were inducing simulation experiences while i sleep so they could see more of how i would react towards different happenings..... anyways one day i was at a friends house in Adelaide about 8 months ago and chilling and having drinks and at this time i was already able to see the other dimension within this one whether you call it the earth plain or the lower dimension and i was excelling highly within psychic awareness/powers, anyways by the end of the night i wasn't even drunk and decided to sit outside, as i was sitting outside,being aware of beings within the other dimension and being able to see astral projectors/beings and being able to hear them aswell we were conversating when suddenly the friend of mine walks outside and we started talking but as we started to talk a grey told me that he put urine in my drinks which i believed as the drinks tasted like it but barely while giving the full flavor of the alcohol a normal person couldn't tell, they told me to punish him but i denied and just told him to pretty much fuck off, anyways i had no way to get to were i was staying at the time so i had to stay at his, so he heads off to bed and im awake just hanging out and suddenly these beings within the other dimension started saying hail Lucifer to me it was intense and very empowering they told me to shapeshift and to look in the mirror/reflection of the window while i did it, so i focused on my sacrel chakra and felt the blackness from my chakra start to spread within my face and chest, and i started to see dark ether form around me, suddenly i turned into what people would call pure evil my eyes glowed a heavy orange and my face turned black and ugly i shit myself but i kept going trying to full body shapeshift as these reptilians were saying we were going to war(i didn't ask who but i got a feeling it was with a different species or something we know but i wont say), as i was getting used to it i noticed something out of the window it was a ram with a curled horn within his hands and a bunch of other things around him you could only say were demons but i for some reason knew it was a reptilian, anyways so here i am shape shifting and seeing these creatures when suddenly i noticed an electrical current surge go through me and was depleting my power i was thinking shit as surely but slowly i wasn't able to project the shifting process anymore and losing the power i felt a minute ago, anyways once i knew they were electrifying me,gov/other beings to stop the process i accepted the fact not to do it and go to bed crying because thinking i may be killed for being what i am and not being awakened. anyways the next day i went home and it was the last time i saw the so called friend i had. but living everyday with getting followed.....

    now this is not all of what has happened but you can understand why i am here, and yes i may be killed after posting this but my life is pretty much death now as it is i have lost all my friends and family and eveyone i meet now days seems to be a spy/reptilian and if i try to conversate with a normal being they'll talk to them as soon as i leave there side whoever i talk to then follows me and joins whoever they are but some dont but are not allowed to talk to me at all and i normally have slander spoken about me which people always seem to trust the gov...
    now i am lost my gf is a spy but i have feelings for her so i dont know what to do, i have seen military personnel in camo in the bush out the front of my house sometimes but since i caught them out being there havent returned and i have had plenty of guns pointed at me even sometimes without my knowledge, they use psychology and test me on every level, i have caught my gf driving when she doesnt so call drive and i have caught her out on many occasions, my family has joined the gov/beings and so has all my friends and even as i right this now every word i type is getting watched but another system via gov/beings, no one has admited that they work for the gov except about 3-5 people within the last 4-5 years and thats only because i know abit of psychology myself and am quite spiritualy powerful, let alone i get info by the other beings about who people are and what they do even though this is not neccersary as i can see what people do when i chose let alone what they have done in past and what they may do in future. i am seeking friends and guidance throughout this time and those who are victims of gangstalking let me tell you something 1: you know to much 2: your spiritually more developed 3: not everything is within science there is a spiritual side to all, that dosent mean religion,4: be nice 5: trust no one and 6: be strong, now if you are being gangstalked dont be stupid and DONT GOTO A MENTAL WARD AND NEVER GIVE UP, Now i thought what was happening was gangstalking but its beyond it, i wish to join anonymous and i know im different and people may think im crazy but the heads of anonymous will know what i speak is truth.
    draconian greys: what we describe as dinosaurs veloceraptors are in charge of this place alongside other species including human.
    reptillian greys: more do the bidding of draconians but are mixed within there causes some help some dont.



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