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    taxes and human suffering


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    taxes and human suffering

    Post  carl on Tue Jun 11, 2013 5:46 pm

    I argue that property taxes are the cause of many problems ,it causes school districts to be unequal and waste money on redundancy of offices.Affordable housing is impossible with property taxes, and senior citizen housing is also.The cycle of poverty and crime are also caused by this tax,instead a tuition income tax based on income should replace it.The schools can pay on a per student basis and all students will get the same education state wide.New computer teaching methods can be used such as Mr. Kahn's system that Bill Gates has supported.Owning your own property is a basic right not a privilege and must be a reality in all states as well as countries for real freedom from oppression to take place.The right to privacy in your own home can not exist with property tax.A tuition income tax would keep unemployed people from losing their homes due to taxes,if you don't work you don't pay.At age 55 you would start lowering by one tenth each year till 65 no tax.With all the savings found here you can add 4 years of college to public education ,truly a world class education.

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